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User Guides

The IT Skill Builder User Guide is intended to provide all members of our user community with practical guidance and helpful tips as it relates to the tool's core features and capabilities.

System Administrator Guides

The IT Skill Builder Administrator Guide is intended to provide System Administrators with practical guidance and helpful tips as it relates to supporting and maintaining the tool's core features and capabilities.

Navigation Videos

The following training videos are intended to provide a quick overview on how to navigate the platform's core features and capabilities.

Manager Coaching Materials

These resources are available to support the work you're doing with your employees to develop and grow in their careers.

  • Building Trust: Establishing a relationship that's built on trust is a critical first step in developing talent. Here you'll find tips, ideas and discussion strategies for building trust and becoming an advocate for your employees.
  • Distribution of Opportunity: The way you distribute opportunity can have a big impact on employee engagement - and opportunities aren't just restricted to promotions. This document outlines a variety of specific forms of opportunity that drive engagement. It will also inspire you to come up with ideas of your own.
  • Aligning on Next Steps: Once you've reviewed your employee's assessment reports, use the tips in this document to guide your discussion around each skill based on how closely you and the employee are aligned in your perceptions, and then set priorities for next steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I am registering for a new IT Skill Builder account. Where do I find my PIN?

    Each IT Skill Builder client is provide a unique personal identification number (PIN). To obtain your PIN please contact the System Administrator at your organization or your manager.

  2. If I log out of the tool, without fully completing my self-assessment, will the work I have completed be saved?

    When selecting the Next button as you navigate through your self-assessment, your answers are automatically saving. If you log out of IT Skill Builder and select the "Assessment" button you will be directed back to complete your self-assessment.

  3. Who will have access to self-assessment results?

    Assessment information is shared with your IT Skill Builder Manager once you have completed your self-assessment and he or she has completed the Manager assessmen

  4. How often can I make changes to my Development Plan?

    The Development Plan capability is designed to be updated frequently, as you are working through items on your Plan and growing yours skills. We suggest logging in and updating your plan monthly.

  5. Why is the resource link I am trying to view not working?

    If a resource you are selecting is not available, please let us know via email. We will review the resource and make the appropriate adjustments to the Resource Guide.